At Imagination & Integrity Consulting Group, our consultants offer new ideas on how to work through obstacles and achieve change individually, within an organization or within a community service agency.

For individuals with leadership responsibilities, we offer coaching and  feedback regarding personal growth to enhance individual and organizational success. In addition, all of our consultants  promote leadership from within an organization or agency, increase employee efficiency, improve communication by focusing on ways to highlight individual strengths within the organization or agency.  

We have traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, and Asia to give presentations and to work in residency in order to acheive a client's stated outcomes. Workshops range in topic depending on the needs of the audience and our consulting residencies have been as long as five years in duration.

One of our hallmark services is the creatie use of psychometric asseements to provide Acceptance and Commitment Therapy-inspired workshops to enhance work/life balance, improve employee motivation and productivity, senior management empowerment, and smooth team re-organization. Our consultants have worked with many churches, non-profit Boards of Directors, business owner partners, educational institutions, human service agencies and corporate teams. Contact us today for more information on our consulting packages.